Now that A-level results are in, it’s possible to predict some of the subjects that may be popular in the years ahead.

Traditionally, the uptake for subjects the following year is highest when results have been positive the year previously.

For instance, high pass rates in one particular subject is likely to indicate that more students will take on that subject at A-level the following year. This shapes the future of university intakes too as students will often move on from A-levels to degrees in their chosen subjects.

Top performing subjects

More than a quarter of results were at grade A or above, while a number of the subjects with the best pass rates were in STEM or language related subjects.

For instance, more than 55% of students taking Further Mathematics scored in the highest grade boundaries as did more than 40% of those taking regular Mathematics.

German, French, Irish, Spanish and Other Modern Languages also saw students achieve top results, suggesting that more students are considering what they might need in the world of future employment.

Arts subjects also noted the largest year-on-year improvements in their results, which may lead more students to consider taking them from September.

University competition

Should students opt to carry on these studies at university, then competition for places on language and STEM courses could increase drastically.

Computer Sciences witnessed a huge leap in the number of students opting for the A-Level course, increasing by nearly 30% in a year, and this could be reflected in university admissions.

The figures will be particularly pleasing to the Government who have placed a renewed focus on developing key skills that can ensure graduates are prepared for the world of work.

Should the current trends continue in the coming years, then the figures may provide insight into what future graduates may be considering as career choices.

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