Behavioural Benchmarking

Bringing clarity and unity on role and organisational behaviours

If everyone isn’t clear, how do you know if you are in agreement on what matters most?

Avoid the pitfalls of assumptions, miscommunication & crossed wires; benchmark your role behaviours for clarity & unity.

remove bias

It’s human nature to be slightly (and unconsciously) biased – remove these barriers through impartial benchmarking tools.

recruit the right people

Without clarity on required behaviours, it’s nearly impossible to get recruitment right; it’s time to shake up how you recruit your people.

develop the right behaviours

Remove uncertainly around the behaviours required for a role to ensure all of your employees exhibit the right cultural fit.

unite stakeholders

Use benchmarking to unite your team so they understand and agree ‘what good looks like’ for a role and your business.

Get a better workforce in 3 steps…


Schedule a briefing call and we will immerse ourselves in your world.


We work with your key stakeholders to establish which behaviours are important for your organisation & specific roles.


We collate information to present you with a benchmark that identifies the key behaviours for your organisation & roles.

Behavioural Benchmarking Details

How does it work?

Using psychometric testing and a unique neurobiological behavioural profiling tool, we work with your key stakeholders to put together a benchmark that outlines what behaviours the ideal person for the role will exhibit. We create the benchmark by combining all of the data your stakeholders have submitted to find the commonalities.

Using tools to create the benchmark helps to remove any crossed wires or miscommunication. A great example we use is the word ‘organised’ – there are two different situations where someone can demonstrate they are organised; when something is unorganised and when something is disorganised. If something is unorganised, it has never been organised and needs an organisational structure to be created. If something is disorganised, it was once organised but something has gone wrong in the pre-established process, so this process needs to be re-implemented.

The behaviours a person would need in each instance are different, which demonstrates how easily people can misunderstand what they’re looking for in a person.

What can it be used for?

Behavioural benchmarking can be used for recruitment or development. It is particularly effective when used in conjunction with competency frameworks and either assessment centres or development centres.

Bring clarity and unity…

Understand your team

Identifying under performance or high-potential in a team can be difficult. Use behavioural benchmarking to identify ‘what good looks like’, and gain the clarity you need to grow your business.

Identify training needs

Before you start training & developing team members, you need to know what you’re aiming for. Provide your team with what they need, rather than what you think they need.

Engage your team

Involve key stakeholders in the process of behavioural benchmarking to gain buy-in and agreement; if you’re all clear on ‘what good looks like’, you’re one step closer to attaining it. 

Recruit the best

A benchmark is specific to your organisation; a top performer in another company may be an underperformer for you. Identify the right behaviours for your business to find your next superstar.

Find the right fit

Sometimes, employees end up in roles that aren’t best suited to their skillset. Nobody wants to lose employees with the right values & behaviours – instead, identify where they are best suited.

Increase productivity

Having the right people, in the right roles, with the right skills & behaviours is critical to business success. Behavioural benchmarking allows you to get it right across your entire workforce.

Are you ready to improve your workforce?

The Discovery ‘Way’

Use a joined up approach through Diagnostics, Recruitment & Training to build a better workforce.


Before taking action, take the time to understand how you need to build your workforce to reach your business’ goals and reduce wasted spends.


Get the right people in your business with the behaviours, stretch and capability that will ensure your business succeeds.


Business doesn’t stand still: develop your employees to increase their capability, prepare them for future roles & future-proof your workforce.

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