What happens today, may change tomorrow.

Bring flexibility to your workforce; bolster your team in busy times with high-quality, temporary staff.


In busy times. you may need more hands on deck. Reduce the strain on your employees by bringing in high-calibre temporary staff.

fix your headcount

Needing more people doesn’t mean the headcount is available – gain the people you need without increasing your headcount.


When you bring in a temp, you need them to hit the ground running. Bring in high-calibre graduates to support your workforce.


Demand comes in peaks and troughs – increase and decrease your workforce with ease & based on customer demand.

Get a better workforce in 3 steps…

brief us

Schedule a briefing call so we can understand your requirements.

find your temps

We find you great people to help you meet demand.

increase capacity

Benefit from having high-calibre temps in your business. 

Temporary Recruitment Details

Why Graduates?

With employment rates at an all-time high in 2019, and the current crisis caused by Covid-19, graduates are set to go out into a volatile employment market. This makes it very difficult for companies to plan their early-career talent.

Graduates bring fresh ideas and perspectives, and a genuine desire to want to make a difference. If you’re experiencing unprecedented demand, an increase in absenteeism due to self-isolation or illness, or headcount restrictions, graduates can provide an excellent temporary workforce solution.

Along with graduates being high-potential talent, they are also highly mobile (geographically), enthusiastic, have a good theoretical understanding of industry and business, and (now, more than ever) are hungry to gain experience in the working world.

Taking a graduate on a temporary basis will enable you to see first-hand the value these graduates will bring to your business, but without the risk of a permanent hire.

Our Expertise

Discovery are extensively known for exceptional graduate recruitment solutions and development. Having recruited and developed Graduates for over 20 years, we understand the important part graduates play in a business, and have seen first-hand the negative impact freezing graduate recruitment can have on a business for years to come.

To combat the challenging times and economic uncertainty that businesses are experiencing, we have adapted our services to enable you to benefit from the same great talent but without the commitment.

As an alternative to permanent hiring, you can now choose to take your graduates on a temporary basis, with zero contract commitment. A perfect solution to solve your immediate capacity issues whilst benefiting from all that graduates bring to a business.

The Process

Over the years, Discovery has built up a sizable talent bank of high-potential  graduates, and our team knows how to source and attract best-fit talent.

After briefing us with your requirements, we will match you with suitable candidates to work in your business for your temporary assignment. Whether it is a short-term project or part of a longer-term strategy, Discovery will support you to ensure you have the right people, in the right jobs.

As temporary employees won’t sit on your headcount, Discovery will manage them – from paying their wages to monitoring their attendance – reducing the resource required from your team.

Latterly, if you decide these employees are a great fit and want to keep them in your business, when the time is right, you can simply convert them to a permanent employee.

Get to the workforce you need for today

Graduate-calibre Temps

Get high-calibre talent in temporary roles; gain high-quality delivery for your business & give Graduates valuable experience.

Deliver on demand

Deliver for your customers without increasing the demand on your employees; distribute extra support when and where it’s required. 

The best of both worlds

Don’t tie yourself down to an increased headcount in short periods of demand, and don’t compromise on the quality of your employees.

Are you ready to improve your workforce?

The Discovery ‘Way’

Use a joined up approach through Diagnostics, Recruitment & Training to build a better workforce.


Before taking action, take the time to understand how you need to build your workforce to reach your business’ goals and reduce wasted spends.


Get the right people in your business with the behaviours, stretch and capability that will ensure your business succeeds.


Business doesn’t stand still: develop your employees to increase their capability, prepare them for future roles & future-proof your workforce.

Discovery Talent Management Wheel