More work is needed in order to fill the growing number of technically specific roles that are becoming available in the UK, employers have claimed.

Analysis from the Tech Partnership – a set of employers focusing on creating skills for the digital economy – has suggested that 134,000 new tech specialists are needed in the UK every year.

The need for a renewed focus on digital skills comes as two in five companies looking to recruit for technical roles said they were struggling to fill vacancies – with 85% blaming a shortage of the required skills and suggesting that growth potential was being slowed as a result.

Developing graduate roles and apprenticeships                              

One solution is the creation of digital apprenticeships which not only helps to boost recruitment but also plays a pivotal role in providing hands-on experience.

The Tech Partnership sees this approach as being vital to driving business growth, while it also provides employers with a way of seeing if workers are up to the task.

New talent can also be attracted into digital settings; especially since around half of the required roles are expected to be junior positions.

Currently, around 1.3 million people work as technical specialists in the UK following a 6% jump in 2014.

It is thought around 42% of companies are looking to recruit too, which means greater competition when looking to attract top talent.

Opportunities to showcase digital skills

The figures come from an analysis of Office for National Statistics and Tech Partnership data but point to an improving situation.

Businesses are twice as likely to offer a tech apprenticeship in 2015 when compared to last year for example, while the number of candidates applying for such roles has doubled in the past three years.

Graduates are equally as important in the process though, with Margaret Sambell, Director of Strategy at the Tech Partnership, saying they “have always been a source of new blood”.

She added that a “concerted effort is required” across the industry sectors to encourage graduates and other youngsters into roles that command a good grasp of technical skills.

Employers are therefore encouraged to explore the opportunities open to them when looking to expand their digital skills base, as they may have more options than previously thought.

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