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Employers need to up their game and provide a fun and exciting workplace in order to retain their skilled staff, according to new research by the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

The BHF found that 35% of office workers in Britain admit they find their working days boring, while a shocking 37% confess they actually dread going to work because of this.

Meanwhile, 12% of workers even find their days away from the office just as stressful because they are out of their working space.

Doing something out of the ordinary

Of 2,000 UK office workers polled by BHF, 42% of employees felt their company should arrange something “unusual” to make a good company day out, while 40% noted they would love to do something exciting at work to break up the monotony.

As a result of these shocking findings, BHF recommends that firms take the time to arrange something unique and exciting for their members of staff, to raise engagement and productivity levels.

Bringing an unforgettable experience to work

Beck Bayram, Events Project Manager at BHF, said that activities such as skydiving are fantastic ways to bring an unforgettable experience into the work environment.

In fact, 36% of UK office workers polled said they would consider taking part in a skydiving challenge as an alternative to a traditional working day in the four walls of an office.

Moreover, the BHF also encourages activity during working hours to boost the health and wellbeing of employees. With cardiovascular disease (CVD) causing more than 25% of deaths in the UK every year, employers could help their staff remain fit and healthy.

The BHF offer a number of fundraising activities which are suitable for work days out, including a tandem skydive known as the Heart Flyer, which not only boosts workforce engagement and excitement but also raises money for charity.

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