Closed Programmes

A programme tailored for your leaders

Bring together individuals, and leave as a leadership team.

Bring together your leaders to learn how to further their development, as well as how to drive your business forwards.

develop your team

Bring your current and future leaders on a journey together to build a better workforce for your future.

bring consistency

Ensure current and future leaders are given the same exposure to the skills, knowledge & behaviours required to be a successful leader & manager.

prepare for now

Develop those who are your current leaders & managers to be able to inspire and drive forward your current workforce.

prepare for the future

Develop your future leaders & managers to begin their journey towards leading others and your business to success.

Get a better workforce in 3 steps…

brief us

Schedule a call to explain your goals for training and development.

on-board delegates

Select the right delegates for the programme, and work with us to on-board them.

support delegates

Continue supporting your employees back in your business as they implement their learnings.

Closed Programme Details

What is a closed programme?

Our OPEN programmes are run with delegates from multiple companies enrolled together. A closed programme is a way of running these programmes specifically for your organisation, which allows us to tailor learning and interventions specifically to your business.

Closed programmes are developed specifically for your organisation, and include tailored elements throughout.

The programmes that can be delivered as closed programmes include:

Advanced Commercial Acumen Training

Building Commercial Acumen Training

The Aspiring Leaders Programme

The Emerging Leaders Programme

The Empowered Leaders Programme

The Customer Service Excellence Programme 

The Sales Success Programme

How does it work?

Using a closed programme enables us to tailor certain elements specifically to your organisation, as well as providing a great opportunity to bring colleagues together.

Bringing together colleagues from across roles, teams, functions and even countries for shared experiences helps to build relationships and ensures they are all receiving the same valuable learning experiences.

How are the programmes funded?

All of our programmes can be privately funded.

Some of the programmes can be funded using the apprenticeship levy – both for organisations who are levy payers and SMEs using a government top-up. These programmes include:

The Early Career OPEN Programme

The Managers OPEN Programme

The Sales Executive Apprenticeship

Develop leaders to lead you forward…

Tailored training

A programme designed specifically for your organisation, that still allows your employees to explore & improve their own, unique development areas. 

Blended learning

Using multiple intervention types takes your team on a journey to understand themselves and the business world better, and the part they play in your business’ future.

Peer learning

Using a closed programme means learners can directly learn from their colleagues’ knowledge & experiences, improving performance & uniting your team.


Learners spend multiple days together building their knowledge, skills & behaviours as individuals & a team, ready to implement their learnings in the workplace.

Business simulations

Give your team the opportunity to hone new skills in a ‘safe’ environment, allowing them to learn from any mistakes, ready to implement them back in your business.

Seniority specific

As with the OPEN programmes, there are two levels of programmes designed for pivotal stages in a career; one for early career & graduate employees, and one for people managers.

Plus, the programme can be funded in two ways – either privately funded by your business or, if you’re an apprenticeship levy payer, using your levy!

Are you ready to improve your workforce?

Client Testimonial

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I was very excited about the course, I was really interested to learn more about myself and behaviours of others, what I didn’t expect was to come away and truly be looking at myself and how I can be much better in such a thoughtful and self-challenging way. I will be doing everything I can to keep myself in this space as I believe it will really help me develop as a leader and as an individual.

Louise Kirk, Head of Internal Sales UK at RS Components

Leadership Development Closed Programme Delegate

The Discovery ‘Way’

Use a joined up approach through Diagnostics, Recruitment & Training to build a better workforce.


Before taking action, take the time to understand how you need to build your workforce to reach your business’ goals and reduce wasted spends.


Get the right people in your business with the behaviours, stretch and capability that will ensure your business succeeds.


Business doesn’t stand still: develop your employees to increase their capability, prepare them for future roles & future-proof your workforce.

Discovery Talent Management Wheel