Discovery’s Board of Governance

Our Duties and Obligations

Apart from fulfilling the legal obligations of Discovery, the Board of Governance bears the responsibility and is answerable for overseeing the educational performance of all apprenticeship programmes provided by Discovery, as well as for the well-being of our learners.

In addition to their operational tasks, the board plays a crucial role in ensuring that the business leaders have a clear understanding of the vision and strategy for learning within the organisation.

The Board holds leaders accountable for the excellence of education and training, and actively contributes to ensuring that continuous and sustainable improvement remains a top priority in decision-making processes.

Jonathan Evans Headshot

Jonathan Evans


In 1999, Jonathan established Discovery, introducing his distinctive approach to building and developing sustainable workforces through learning. As the founder, Jonathan holds the ultimate responsibility for defining the business’s vision and guiding its direction.

Sarah Evans Headshot

Sarah Evans

Commercial Director

Sarah collaborates strategically with our clients at the board level, helping them address their workforce challenges. She recognises the profound influence of learning and its contribution to organisational success. With her expertise and experience in organisational change, Sarah brings a crucial perspective to the Board of Governance.

Raj Babber Headshot

Raj Babber

Director of Programmes & Apprenticeship Learning

As the Director of Programmes and Apprenticeship Learning at Discovery, Raj possesses a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in apprenticeships and the apprenticeship levy. However, her contributions extend far beyond that, playing a pivotal role in driving an organisation’s commercial success.

Richard Moore

Richard Moore

Non-Executive Advisor

Richard’s wealth of expertise and experience as both an Inspector and manager with the Adult Learning Inspectorate and Ofsted sets him apart. His primary role is to bring a critical eye and an external perspective, empowering and bolstering the broader Board of Governance. With his guidance and support, the board gains invaluable insights for effective decision-making and oversight.

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