Finding the right talent for leadership roles can be difficult for employers, but new research suggests that recruiters could have a vital role to play.

A poll of HR directors, published by Inivo and conducted by Saba, found that only 36% of them considered leadership to be the strength of their organisation. An additional 30% said they were finding it difficult to find highly skilled candidates appropriate for the position.

Meanwhile, only 39% of those surveyed had development programmes in place to train their current staff, while just 15% of employees receive training to prepare themselves for leadership duties.

To make the situation worse for employers; many of the Baby Boomers generation are now retiring, leaving many senior positions open with new talent needed to fill them.

Providing access to the talent pool

Steve O’Brien, Operations Director at Inivo, said there is currently a problem due to the amount of leaders retiring and this talent pool is not being replenished through current methods in place.

He added that many organisations simply don’t have the time or the money to put the right initiatives in place to build leaders of the future which is why recruiters can become vital to a business.

Mr O’Brien also noted that recruitment firms are continuing to place highly skilled professionals and graduates into jobs, even excelling employment rates seen during the sector’s peak during pre-recession years.

An increasing number of employers are now turning to recruitment firms to find talented candidates – both with experience and recent graduates – to conquer the leadership problems they’re currently witnessing.

Due to the excellent knowledge of the job market, recruiters are now an excellent option for a business that doesn’t have the time to replace senior leaders.

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