There are numerous reasons why volunteering work is a great journey to embark on. Of course, not every volunteering role is the same and many of the available positions can differ greatly, but the skills and experiences that are developed can be used in plenty of situations in later life.

When considering volunteering work, it’s important to consider the role at hand, as well as the company or charity involved. In order to both enjoy and excel in a volunteering role, you must search for area’s you’re interested in.

Find a new hobby

Since volunteering work ranges greatly in area, there really is something for every candidate wishing to embark on a beneficial journey. From helping the elderly to cold calling, there are a number of positions to choose from. Volunteering work will not only allow you to help others whilst working towards a great cause, it may also help you to find a new hobby. Combining both a passion and a cause will never seem like work and the best part? It will look great on your CV too.

It looks great on your CV

Volunteering is effectively gold for the CV. Companies, employers and recruiters enjoy learning that their prospective candidates have an altruistic side. Having taken part in volunteering work suggests you are a considerate and a responsible person. Having worked for a cause unpaid indicates you have drive, ambition and goals that surpass monetary ones alone.

Expanding your skillset

Trying new things is never a bad idea, especially when they merit space on your CV. By involving yourself in volunteering work, you are instantly able to expand your skillset. From learning great customer service skills, to communication skills and a sense of personal responsibility, you’ll absorb a great deal of information by volunteering your services to a local (or even global) charity. Showing you’re able to work towards a good cause – unpaid – is something all employers’ value in their employees. Although you’ll be giving up your time and your money, you’ll not only be helping those in need, you’ll instantly place yourself ahead of your competition in the working world.

See the world

Travel is another CV addition that recruiters value. It shows you’re worldly, responsible and cultured. Thankfully, a number of today’s volunteering programs allow you to explore the world whilst helping others. Choosing a volunteering experience abroad will give you the opportunity to visit places you have never been before and learn about their cultures – all without having to spend large monetary sums on travel. When you return home, you will have not only gained various new skills but you’ll be able to showcase those too.

The types of volunteering available

There are a number of different volunteering projects available, including full time and part positions, work abroad projects, university societies, Internet volunteering and one-off positions. It’s important to think of the commitments you already have before choosing which one best fits you as a person. You should also consider which one would benefit your skill base and help towards achieving your dream career.

Where to include voluntary experience on your CV?

Volunteering, all in all, makes you more employable on a whole – it helps to bridge the gap between your education and the working world, so it’s vital that you present this esteemed experience in the correct way when writing your CV.

The most effective way to showcase any volunteering experience is to think of each role as a paid position. You should list the skills learned at the role, and let your potential employer know whether it was a fixed length placement, such as a two-week internship or an entire year.

It’s important to include the name of the organisation and the position held whilst there. Outline any specific day-to-day responsibilities you were given and any skills that made you the perfect candidate to take ownership of these, such as leadership qualities, a sense of drive or good organisation.

It’s also a good idea to describe the volunteer work in terms of what you accomplished. This could be anything from the amount of money you raised for the charity or the personal progression of those you were helping. Highlight any of the planning, communications, time management and teamwork skills involved.

Help others

Asides from improving your CV and job success rate, the upmost reason to volunteer is to help others less fortunate than yourself. By giving up your valuable time, you are aiding others while all of the skills learned will add to you becoming a well-rounded, knowledgeable and worldly person – and a great employee!