Video interviewing for graduate recruitment is becoming more and more popular, according to analysis by Sonru.

Sonru, a global leader in the field of video interviewing and selection, analysed user date of 20,000 interviews from 800 randomly selected graduate recruitment campaigns conducted by 130 companies on their system between June 2014 and January 2016.

The findings from over 2,000 respondents who completed an optional survey, made available to all candidates using the software, were also included.

It revealed that 2.5 times as many graduate candidates have completed a video interview in the past when compared to all candidates – highlighting a change of approach among the younger generations towards recruitment processes.

Video interviewing is fast becoming the most effective means of truly assessing a graduate’s uniqueness and passion for the role – especially when trying to pick between high performers who all have excellent degrees.

Have graduates adapted?

Data showed that candidates appreciate video interview formats, as it enables them to reflect and ponder their responses, while providing them with the opportunity to showcase their personality and communications skills.

The flexibility offered to candidates to choose the time and not having to take time off work emerged as a key benefit to the process. Overall convenience emerged as the second most popular benefit – this is hardly surprising given that 92% of respondents completed interviews from home.

The fact that 25% of the graduates had completed an automated video interview in the past compared to just 10% of all candidates’ surveyed shows it is becoming more and more popular.

It has become clear that offering a video interviewing element as part of the recruitment process may make the process more satisfying for potential candidates – so employers may wish to use such options for their benefit.

Graduates appear to be early adopters of automated video interviewing too, with 95% of grads surveyed declaring that they would complete a video interview again.

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