Over 80% of businesses plan to hire more permanent staff in the next three months, according to the latest JobsOutlook survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). But with many companies looking to hire, how can they stand out from the crowd?

The survey covers a sample of employers every month and discusses their short and medium-term place to hiring permanent and temporary staff, painting a relevant picture of the UK labour market.

UK employment has been pushed to its highest on record to 74.1% thanks to almost three in ten employers taking on more staff in the last year.

Employers running out of options

It is expected that it will become increasingly difficult for employers to find the staff needed, as just under half (47%) of UK employers have awarded pay rises in the last 12 months to help attract and retain talent.

Temporary workers have increased in importance say employers, due to the fact fewer candidates are on the market. Six in ten businesses need temps in order to respond to the type of growth they have achieved.

The study claims schools and hospitals are already struggling due to the shortage of trained teachers and nurses, whilst small, medium and large businesses are also starting to feel the pressure.

The availability of staff for both permanent and temporary/contract roles continued to decline in January 2016. Rates of contraction remained marked, despite easing to the slowest point for 12 for permanent roles and three months for temporary ones.

Employers change in approach to recruiting

Employers are now being driven to become more innovative and creative in their recruitment strategies as the need for people to do the jobs rises.

The need for more skilled people to fill job vacancies in the UK means businesses must have to access the global labour market in order to maintain and improve their growth – a potential concerns as the EU referendum nears.

The key for businesses is to provide graduates and other potential candidates with attractive working conditions and room for career development.

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