The graduate jobs market grew significantly in 2015 and many school leavers and graduates were welcomed with open arms to the jobs market. So just what should they expect in 2016 and how will it affect recently qualified graduates?

If you’re looking to land your dream job this year, you’re in luck. Employment intentions are certainly on the rise with a mostly positive employment outlook. In fact, research suggests there will be more available graduate roles than ever before – especially with some of the leading employers.

Although 2016 began with a few eye-opening headlines, many of which showcased Great Britain to have a slow economic recovery rate, there have in fact been a number of big improvements in the job sector – especially for graduates.

A number of graduate-level jobs are set to be released shortly, all of which will boast a variety of roles. Regardless of whether you study maths, science, drama or fine art, there is set to be something for you.

However, if you wish to land a certain role at a very specific company, you should be willing to move city. Keeping your options open is a great mindset to have when it comes to the job search. The most popular roles being advertised this year are in both the business and financial sectors, although competition tends to be higher for these opportunities.

If you can, sign up to work experience whilst studying too. This will not only help you to understand what field it is you wish to go into, but you’ll become a more attractive candidate to the employer as they’ll know you’ve already spent time in an office or other workplace environment.

Other in demand graduates currently include Quantitative Social Scientists, so if you’re currently studying a psychology or geography degree, you’re in with a good chance of landing a job filled with opportunities. Science, technology, engineering and maths roles are also in demand as firms look to tackle a skills shortage.

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