Today’s graduate market is boasting a growing number of vacancies, and these are only set to increase. If you’ve just graduated, you’re more than likely thinking about what’s next. But just how do you find that top graduate role?

How to find your dream role?

A recent study suggests that graduate vacancies in the UK are expected to rise in the next year by 7.5%. This is great news for students, as finding a dream job should now in theory be easier.
The Graduate Market in 2016 report from High Fliers Research stated that more than 1,000 graduate positions were left vacant last year though. In fact, a large number of graduates turned down job offers, with High Fliers Research Managing Director Martin Birchall suggesting they are “becoming increasingly choosy about the employers they join”.
However, this isn’t a bad thing and it’s extremely important to be choosy as a graduate. After all, you want to land a job that offers a number of opportunities, staff incentives and an attractive working environment. You’ve been to university and now you have the degree, it’s the time to use it.

Tips to landing your ideal career

There are a number of tips you can follow if you wish to land a job that offers endless possibilities. One of the best tips you can follow is to choose a top University, especially one that is targeted by big name employers.

Another tip is to apply for work experience. A placement will help you to learn the skills required in a number of job roles today. If you want more guarantees of finding a job, consider an industry that offers more graduate vacancies.

If you have specific skills under your belt, choose a role that is in demand. Standing out from the crowd is an asset in today’s working world and finding anyway to do this can put you at an advantage.
Alternatively, if you’re prepared to move city for your career, you’ll find that there are a much wider variety of job roles available. On top of this, you could look to an industry with a higher median salary.

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