There has been a growing rise in the popularity of learning and development technologies, such as resources and e-learning platforms, amongst companies as they begin to realise the value of adding them into employee induction, training and development programmes.

Businesses that offer more robust and in-depth learning and development programmes, usually find themselves more attractive to the right candidates, and can play a vital role in helping retain those already within the company as well.

Ones that use technology are widely regarded to be better at attracting and maintaining the interest of those taking part. eLearning Industry predicts that the global online corporate training market will continue to grow universally by 13% year on year up until 2017.

However, businesses have not always been so keen to take on e-learning technology, many feared that it would take away the human element of training and reduce its effectiveness. But, just as technology has gradually been introduced into all aspects of life, e-learning has become highly sort after by companies.

Ensure employees take responsibility

It has often been thought that it is up to the employers to ensure that employees develop and improve themselves, however, with e-learning, more of the responsibility is placed on staff. This can be a great tool for motivation, as those who can see and are given everything needed to progress with their careers are much more likely to be more motivated and engaged.

A major issue for companies looking to develop staff is that everyone is different, and each individual job requires different skills and attributes. For example, someone in the finance department will not need the same training as someone working within the software development side of the business.

E-learning courses can be tailored to each individual learner, and can be delivered at a time and in a way that suits them. Much more flexibility allows staff to learn in their own time, independently and at their own pace.

Save both time and money

One of the biggest factors for the success of any development programme is feedback, which plays a key role in employee’s enjoyment and engagement – e-learning allows for real-time feedback when courses are complete.

Whilst learning and development programmes are a great tool in itself, it is vital that the whole process is overseen by a skilled team, who are responsible for the direction of the whole process. This means that employees have a support network that can further empower them with their development.

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