Job security can often be an afterthought for organisations, however, employees that feel insecure in their jobs are more likely to experience greater levels of work-life conflict and become exhausted emotionally.

According to CEB (NYSE: CEB), a best practice insight and technology company, 43% of workers surveyed are unhappy with the stability that their employers and jobs provide, resulting in a drop in employee satisfaction.

If employees are left unsure about their position within the company then it can have a negative impact on their performance, affecting the whole of the business. Sometimes an employee may just need reassurance that their services are required.

Mutual desire to improve

Showing employees that their employment is valued by the company can mean that both of you are on the same page and share a mutual desire to work together to ensure the organisation continues to thrive in the future.

It can be easy for employees to begin to question their importance to the company, particularly during economic or even political uncertainty, which can have a huge impact on the job market. Understandably, this leads to workers feeling insecure about their prospects and become somewhat apprehensive towards their future.

At these moments, it is vital that employers are in a position to be able to act on the insecurity and be able to offer comfort and stability.

Make them feel valued

It can be a relatively simple process to make sure employees feel secure and ultimately valued, however for a larger business that task will likely be taken up by line managers. This is where it is vital to understand each member of the team’s needs and requirements.

For example, a young graduate may need a lot more reassurance whilst learning and developing in the role when compared to an experienced employee.

However, this is not to say that you can neglect an experienced employee. By seeking their advice you can make them feel important and show them that their opinion is valued.

Whereas for a graduate, a large part of their security will come from knowing that you are investing in them and helping them develop. This does not have to come at a financial cost, but by paying close attention to their evolution, providing regular feedback and also challenging them you can ensure they feel important to the company.

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