Job descriptions on laptop

With competition for jobs high, it is no longer enough for companies to simply post a job listing on a website and hope that the perfect candidate applies for the job.

Firms now have to be proactive in order to attract talent, or else a competitor will come along and prove to be a more attractive proposition. In order to compete, an employer needs to make sure that their recruitment strategies are up to scratch.

Using social media

For many job seekers, social media has become an integral part of their job hunt, be it through LinkedIn or getting in touch with perspective employers through Twitter. If companies want to interact with the next generation of workers then social media platforms provide the perfect opportunity.

Social media allows job seekers to learn more about their prospective employers and gain an insight into what day-to-day life is while working within the company. This insight can be hugely attractive for graduates, who are increasingly cautious about choosing the right working environment so they can develop their skills.

If a company is looking to hire a talented graduate, then adding some information about life in the office can be a great addition to the recruitment strategy. For example, posting a small video of an interview with a current employee to Twitter, or creating a blog post for LinkedIn can be a great way to engage with potential candidates.

Tailored interviews

For the majority of businesses, interviews are the most important part of the recruitment strategy – they offer the company an opportunity to meet candidates face-to-face and determine whether or not they have the right skills, experience and personality for the company.

Due to their importance, it makes sense for companies to invest in making sure that the interview stage of the recruitment process reflects the position and successfully finds the right candidate.

Some jobs openings have numerous responsibilities that mean a candidate will be required to work across a number of departments, so holding a panel interview with a representative from each team can be a great way to ensure everyone is on board with the new employee.

A candidate who has passed through a thorough and job specific recruitment strategy is much more likely to be right for the company, both in the short-term and long-term, saving a business both time and money.

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