Team building blocks

One of the most important tasks for businesses is to recruit the right staff into the company, as employees are often the driving force behind success. As a result, recruitment can often be a time-consuming process with both financial and reputational consequences if it is not done well.

Taking the time to find the right person – someone who is not only technically able but who also fits into the company’s culture – is extremely important. Organisations that are successful in hiring have a process that includes attracting the right standard of candidates, evaluating them, and getting to know them on a personal level.

However, the recruitment process may not be the same for various job roles within a company. Does a prospective candidate for a senior accounting role need to go through the same screening process as an applicant for the organisation’s graduate scheme for example?

Understand the vacancy

It may seem strange, but companies can often post job vacancies without really knowing what type of person they are looking for. It is more than just knowing what qualifications are essential but having an idea of what personality, experience and attributes are required for the role can help tailor the recruitment strategy.

Once the company has established and defined the vacancy then it is in a much better position to introduce elements into the process. For example, if the job requires a very broad range of skills then you are likely to receive a lot of applicants, so adding a phone interview screening into the process can save a great deal of time and money.

Targeting the right people

Due to competition within the job market, companies can often be inundated with applicants when they post a job vacancy; all with various levels of experience and expertise. Consequently, narrowing those applicants down to a few candidates for the next stage of the process can be extremely time consuming.

Organisations should think about where they are posting the vacancy and should ensure that they are attracting the right type of people for the role. If the position requires someone with a unique set of skills, then posting a vacancy on a relevant job board can bring much better results.

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