Grad-Job-blackboard-620There has been a huge increase in the number of employers rethinking their retention methods in order to keep their top graduate talent.

Recent research from Jive Software has claimed that the UK workforce is continuing to evolve as new trends emerge.

Craving technology in the workplace

A shocking 72% of employees for example, crave more technology in the workplace that can enable them to work from just about anywhere.

In fact, 60% of workers said having access to the latest technology is crucial to collaboration and communication at work.

Meanwhile the same percentage of employees have said they would like to try out new tools that could make them more effective in their role, while 43% said this was a “loyalty driver”.

In fact, 81% of employees stated that having the freedom to try out new tools would actually improve their overall job satisfaction.

Flexible working a top priority

But flexible working remains the top priority for many younger employees and as a result, 81% of senior members of staff consider this either “very important” or a “must have” in the workplace.

79% were also found to work remotely at least once a week and among those that don’t, 43% say it’s because of the nature of their job and almost half said they enjoy interacting with work colleagues.

However, perhaps worryingly for employers, a staggering 79% of employees that do work remotely would actually consider leaving if this flexibility was removed.

For those employers seeking out new graduate talent, it’s also worthwhile noting that 62% of respondents said that the ability to work remotely is a priority when seeking a new role, and a further 30% said they wouldn’t even consider working for a firm that didn’t offer this.

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