Young graduates are feeling positive about self-employment in the UK, a new survey has revealed. In fact, figures indicate that freelancing is at its most prevalent today, reaching the same popularity rates as it did 40 years ago!

This data, which was provided by PolicyBee, revealed that 56% of the 1,002 graduates asked had already completed or were in the midst of completing freelance projects. The main reason for this? Individuals, especially students, are able to freelance as a flexible way to earn a little extra cash while studying for their degree.

This news suggests that more and more young people are learning about new ways to grow their income, even whilst at university. Freelancing is an effective way to gain experience and support yourself financially. More often than not, such work is better paid than that of low-skilled, part-time jobs.

Additionally to freelancing throughout university, many students are considering continuing this work post graduation. Some 44% of the respondents asked said they would contemplate freelancing in the future. This data suggests a number of graduates are looking outside of the box when it comes to traditional employee roles and the start of their professional lives.

A way to gain valuable experience?

Many students are indicating that they’d like universities to promote this type of work, especially as traditional student jobs tend to involve weekend work and late hours. Those questioned said they would certainly be willing to consider the option of freelancing both throughout university and post graduation.

Parents are also now encouraging this option, having learnt more about the benefits of self-employment. Freelance work is also a great option for those in-between jobs and those searching for a permanent role. Freelance work is a great way to earn a little extra money whilst applying to an array of permanent careers.

Freelance work looks great on your CV too as it shows employers that candidates can stick to tight deadlines even outside of the office environment.

The students and graduates surveyed reveal a new generation that are willing to create their own opportunities in order to succeed in the wider world and freelancing is a valuable tool to have under their belt, especially when it comes to achieving goals.

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