Recruiting, as many employers have come to learn, is somewhat of a difficult procedure. However, retaining graduate talent is said to be ten times harder. Recent research carried out by the Aberdeen Group suggests that the first six months in a new job are the most crucial, as this is when 86% of new hires make the decision to leave or stay. This astonishing figure should therefore be at the forefront of every HR manager’s mind when recruiting new employees. Companies wishing to retain graduate talent should be doing everything they can to hold on to new starters.

Covering all bases
From the social aspects of beginning a new role and starting out at a new company, to the benefits and the work at hand, according to the stats there are a number of factors employers should be taking into consideration. These deliberations should begin prior to the employee’s first day and should continue for the foreseeable future.

Top Universities to recruit from

According to a report published by the Times Higher Education, Aberystwyth University is one of the top 50 universities in the UK to recruit from when it comes to providing “best graduates for the workplace”. This data is based on a study of UK employers, principally from the major business, engineering and IT industries, and is connected to the publication of the Global Employability University Survey 2015.

The vote is out

The German market research firm ‘Trendence’ are responsible for a survey that asks recruiters working for major UK companies to vote for their preferred Universities when it comes to sourcing graduates.

UK recruiters acknowledged a number of specific skills when looking for new employees to enter the workplace. These included ‘professional practise’ and an ‘area of degree specialism’. Research indicates that both skill sets are extremely important to a number of UK firms who recruit graduates on a regular basis.

Top picks

When identifying which universities to recruit from, UK HR departments acknowledged student’s links with companies and their expertise in one field of competence. Other positives included choosing graduates who are ready to go straight into work as they already display the majority of the key skills needed.

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