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Neuroscience in Learning and Development

The past year has seen an explosion in the awareness and discussion of the use of neuroscience within the Learning & Development (L&D) sector, featured in numerous industry magazines, at conferences and even in the ever popular TED Talks. It’s been described as the ‘latest L&D fad’, but here at Discovery Performance, integrating neuroscience with recruitment and development activities has been a vital part of what we do for 10 years now.

So, what’s it all about?

It’s not rocket science!

According to this year’s CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) annual L&D survey, 25% of L&D professionals incorporate the findings from this discipline in their development activities, and Discovery Performance are at the forefront of this new, interdisciplinary practice.

Cutting edge research has found that a brain-based model, rather than cognitive psychology, is the best way to understand human behaviour. This means that more traditional profiling systems may not be the most effective tools to apply to apply to L&D.  Confused? You’re not the only one!

Although 93% of respondents in the CIPD survey were aware of neuroscience in relation to L&D, 36% were aware but didn’t understand the application, and a further 31% were aware but didn’t use it in their practice.

And herein lies the problem – there has been plenty of discussion about neuroscience, but a clear lack of understanding in non-experts, as well as hesitancy when it comes to the practical applications.

Enter Parallax.

The Parallax effect

Parallax, our unique and exclusive profiling tool, uses a 3D, brain-based model to provide a comprehensive set of reports explaining the individual’s behaviour patterns and likely responses to events. Because Parallax follows the brain’s own layout, it provides a 360° picture of each candidate or employee. Everybody is unique, and our innovative system accounts for this fact.

This helps our clients to hire the right person for the right role within their organisation, and, even more importantly, to develop and retain them following recruitment. It supports businesses to understand their employees as much as they possibly can, without spending every hour of the day with them for multiple weeks – where their strengths lie, which areas require development, what motivates them, what could frustrate them. Being aware of such intricacies can only make working together and building strong relationships easier.

It’s really rewarding when organisations we’ve helped recognise this:

“I believe Parallax is the market leader in behavioural profiling systems and the products which Discovery Performance has built around it have been excellent.”

Philip Jepson, Managing Director, Jepson Holt

 But the solid science isn’t everything; as the CIPD survey has demonstrated, the exciting insights provided by neuroscience need to be used in conjunction with experience and knowledge, and practice developed alongside new discoveries. This is where the Discovery ADR Group comes in. With over 15 years’ experience in recruitment and development, we build all of our services on both Parallax’s insights, and the invaluable industry knowledge of our people.

So what are you waiting for? Try Parallax now for free to see the system in action!

Written by Florence Sturt-Hammond