With more graduates leaving the confines of university than ever before and an increase in jobs on offer, Britain’s future workforce has revealed that they have a number of fears about entering the world of work.

In fact, the biggest fear among the class of 2015 is that they won’t land a job in their chosen industry, according to new research by WikiJob.

The real concerns of today’s graduates

The firm surveyed more than 1,000 graduates and found that a staggering 61% were considerably concerned about their chances of getting a role in the industry and/or the business of their choice.

However, that wasn’t the only thing that has been keeping these youngsters awake at night; with a fear of not being able to earn the salary to support a reasonable standard of living being a huge worry for 17%.

Meanwhile, an additional 10% of graduates revealed they were concerned about burning the candle at both ends and failing to achieve a good work to life balance when it comes to beginning their new career.

The competition heats up in the job market

Interestingly, the area that today’s youngsters seem the least concerned about is future redundancies – despite the fact that the most recent BBC investigation revealed that a shocking 35% of UK roles could be replaced by robots in the future.

James Rice, Head of Digital Marketing at WikiJob, commented that this survey clears highlights how graduates are extremely aware of the competition in the job market, especially for roles at the top employers.

Despite the increase in jobs being advertised and the rising salaries taking place throughout the country, the pressure remains high for many of today’s graduates, he added.

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