Commuting is costing the British workforce time and money with employers urged to take this impact into account when recruiting fresh graduates.

The truth about recruiting commuters

According to a recent study by Randstad, the average commute to work is 54 minutes resulting in a single worker losing up to 11 weeks every year on journeys to and from work.

When this time is calculated, the average commuter is losing as much as £5,722 a year in lost time.

The research also claimed that travellers who value the time spent getting to work just as much as they do being at work are missing out on £6,000 in lost productivity.

While the North West workers are travelling for 54 minutes every day, London graduates can expect to miss out on the most amount of money due to the higher price of train fares.

As a result, it can be increasingly difficult for employers to attract graduates to big cities where prices and commuting times may both be higher.

Understanding what makes them “tick”

With London commuters losing as much as a fifth of their annual salary in lost travel time, without taking into consideration the cost of travel, London seems to be a tough nut to crack for employers.

Businesses in the North West and East of England also face large challenges as up to a quarter of average salaries is wasted on lost time.

Employers looking for highly skilled graduates could benefit from understanding how commuting time and cost affects their work and putting plans in place to reduce and manage these demands.

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