Training workshops present a vital opportunity to improve the knowledge of your workforce, but they are not always enjoyable for staff, meaning it can limit the amount they learn from them.

Workshops provide the company as a whole, and the individual employees, with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment if they are utilised properly.

It is important that companies are aware of what skills in particular that they would like to develop, learn or improve. For example improving the workforce’s general skills in Microsoft Excel may produce better performance for the business.

Ensure the environment is right

Sometimes training workshops don’t turn out to be useful because the dynamic in the room is wrong, staff are expecting to listen to the same couple of voices for the duration and tend to switch off.

In order to avoid such an issue, it is important that staff see the reason behind having the workshop so that it is not viewed as just a meaningless exercise that is getting in the way of them completing objectives or hitting performance related targets.

Make sure you explain why they need to develop in a particular area – it could be that you see the business moving in a different direction and want to make sure your staff have the necessary skills to facilitate that for example.

The content

There is more to a workshop than having a professional come in and educate your workforce on a particular area; there should be hands-on practice and support offered as well.

Ultimately you want your staff to be able to use their newly developed skills in their work environment and to improve their performance, so make sure they are aware of how it links to it.

Showcase any improvement

If there have been improvements after a workshop make sure that other staff know about it, as it might entice them to take it more seriously and can highlight how useful it is to take part to some unconvinced workers.

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