Employee’s needs have changed over recent years, meaning there is increasing pressure on employers to understand and adapt to these changes in order to retain staff. According to a new survey by Right Management, the global career expert arm of ManpowerGroup, companies need to look at their development models, as many could be outdated as a result of changing needs.

The survey examined the views of more than 4,400 employees from around the world, aged between 25 and 55, to get further understanding of to what extent employers are helping staff to manage their careers. Results showed that 31% have the confidence necessary to initiate a discussion with their employers outside of annual performance reviews.

Increase the amount of reviews

Employers need to start ensuring that they correctly engage with their employees in order to have a high performing workforce, as having one performance review a year does not meet the expectations that the new wave of talent demands.

The study revealed that 76% would be more engaged in their work if they have more than one performance review, and 75% said they would be happier in their work too. Implementing such improvements should not be hard to put into practice, especially given that the benefits can be noted by both the employer and the employee.

Implement career plans

The research highlighted that very few staff believe there is a plan for career development in front of them, and 27% think that a career map that outlines a variety of job alternatives is available to them.

There is more expectation from employees to see a career path placed in front of them from their employers. If staff knew the next step in their occupation, 73% said they would likely stay at their company, rather than looking elsewhere. For those looking to retain the best talent, it would seem that constant career development opportunities need to be given.

Practical programmes

Businesses that give their staff access to programmes that can help develop skills and provide access to leadership development courses have seen success and the happiness of their employees increase.

Just 27% believe that there is enough access to leadership development within their business, showing that staff are eager to improve and develop if companies are aware and cater for it.

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