team meeting

Further Gallup research found Employees who are ‘engaged and thriving’ are 59% less likely to look for a job with a different organization in the next 12 months.

Within today’s economy it can be quite challenging when finding the right talent, but when discovered they can be the organisation’s most valuable asset. Therefore, losing talent is not only extremely expensive but also problematic.

An average employee spends at least eight hours at work five days a week. Therefore, work epitomises more than just a place where we go to earn money. The workplace is, in fact, a significant source of social support, interactivity and close friendships.

How can the work environment benefit employees?

So, the question is, can improving the workplace be effective for employees and help maintain a strong work ethic?… The answer is yes! Creating a workplace where there is an emotional connection and not just intellectual connection between employees and their leaders is important for productivity.

Researches have shown that employees’ commitment to the organisation derives from their perceptions of the employer’s commitment and support to them[1].  If workers feel comfortable in their environment, they are more likely to take risks, come up with new ideas and be comfortable admitting to problems and mistakes. This therefore increases team productivity and communication.

How can you improve your work atmosphere?

1)    Communication

Of course, communication is key in any organisation! Through strong communication, employees can experience an increase in morale, commitment and productivity.

Steps to build on communication:

  • Define goals and expectations
  • Get everyone involved, team exercises are great for this!
  • Clearly deliver your message
  • Listen and show empathy

2)    Team Spirit

Team spirit is significant to success! A workplace with team spirit offers rewards and recognition to commendable employees. A work environment that welcomes creativity, diverse opinions and collaboration make the workplace a fun place to be.

Steps to build on team spirit:

  • Communicate regularly
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help
  • Avoid being negative
  • Spread positivity and enthusiasm
  • Encourage and praise colleagues
  • Use humour and let your personality shine!

3)    Make the workplace comfortable

Great energy can simply be created and transferred in a comfortable work environment.

Steps to build on making the workplace more comfortable:

  • ‘Windows!’, yes that’s right a research shows that a simple window can be a factor of efficiency! Windows allow natural sunlight and Vitamin D into an office, which is essential to contributing to a good mood. In addition, they also allow employees to look out and envision a new idea, which therefore enhances creativity.
  • Comfortable chairs are another factor which can help. Let’s be real no one likes to sit on an uncomfortable chair and especially not for 8 hours! Therefore, it is time you get or replace you chairs with some comfy ones.

Even the smallest things can make a difference on how productive an individual can and will be, and besides the last thing anyone needs after a long day at work is an aching back.

What enables productivity, creativity and healthy work relationship for you?

[1](Whit ener, E. M. (2001). Do “high commitment” human resource practices affect employee commitment? A cross -level analysis using hierarchical linear modeling.  Journal of Management, 27 (5), 515 -535.)