Latest research by High Fliers has found that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of graduate placements and internships available in 2015. In fact, a staggering 80% [1]of employers surveyed by High Fliers are now offering paid graduate internships, creating over 13,000[2] new opportunities in the UK graduate job market.

While this is fantastic news for graduates approaching the job market after leaving the confines of university, many employers are questioning the benefits of graduate internships to their business.

By offering graduate placements organisations can gain unprecedented access to some of the most talented young individuals in the graduate pool. They also give employers an edge over their competitors by helping you better use your time, money and efforts.

Further to this, recruiting a graduate intern is also a great deal cheaper as many organisations and universities alike will allow you to advertise your vacancy for free online, giving your new role access to thousands of fresh graduates.

Here are just some of the ways in which graduate interns can improve the development and success of your business.

  1. Increase productivity

Graduate interns are young, fresh and full of new ideas which are guaranteed to bring any business into the 21st Century. They are also ambitious and energetic leading to increased productivity levels and the completion of tasks to be efficient. Interns are known in many industries for their commitment, passion and enthusiasm no matter the project they are working on.

Interns are also great for relieving stress of additional work from current employees. Because graduate interns are available throughout the year they are the ideal addition to any business which requires a quick turnaround or must meet a tight deadline.

  1. New ideas and perspectives

With the addition of a graduate intern you can bring brand new, innovative ideas and perspectives into your business. Graduates bring ideas and knowledge gained from their years in education and as a result has the power to bring in new processes and insights which can benefit the business enormously.

  1. Find your future workforce

Graduate placements are a fantastic way to find your future workforce as they offer a trial period whereby you can analyse and assess how the individual works as performs as part of your overall business. This gives you ample opportunity to see what skills the intern currently has that can benefit the company without the full commitment of an employee contract.

Many enterprises take on their graduate interns full time as they have the ability to shape the graduate into an employee that can really make a difference to the business.

  1. Improve leadership skills

If you know you will need a future leader or manager in your company, a graduate intern is the perfect solution. This gives you the opportunity to train, educate and mentor them into the perfect leaders of the industry. Therefore, the process of graduate internships benefits both the intern and the company in terms of educating and working together to develop a brand.

  1. Take a test drive

Graduate placements allow you to cut down on the cost of recruitment, as you can test drive the talent of your graduate. Along with this, it reduces risks as you already know your intern and their background.

You can also be sure they will not come with any unwanted working habits that older, more experienced employees may have already developed.

If you’re thinking of setting up a graduate internship in a plight to find your future graduate workforce, now is the time to start, with an ever increasing number of qualified graduates seeking their perfect role in their ideal enterprise.