Being happy at work stems from being in the right environment with people you get along with, according to the most recent research conducted by Barclays.

The new research was launched alongside the youth employment debate – taking place on April 15 – to help young employees and graduates to increase their employability and enjoy their career.

Enjoying a career

Barclays conducted the research based on 2,000 respondents aged 16 years and over. The research found that 26% of young employees believed getting along with fellow colleagues was crucial to enjoying their job.

This was closely followed by 24% saying a good work-life balance was essential to enjoying their work.

The atmosphere of the workplace was also considered important, along with the value their work had on the overall business.

The ten most important factors that make young employees happy at work were:

  1. Getting along well with colleagues (26%)
  2. Having a good work-life balance (24%)
  3. Having a job they believe in (21%)
  4. Believing their job is useful and has a purpose/ value (20%)
  5. A good atmosphere (17%)
  6. Being financially rewarded (15.95%)
  7. Flexible working conditions (15.80%)
  8. Feeling recognised and appreciated by the business (15%)
  9. Doing something challenging (14%)
  10. Having a lot of responsibility (13%)

The route to a fulfilling and successful career

Belinda Parmar, Founder of Lady Geek and Barclays Debate Panellist, added that it is important to encourage young people to not only consider a job in “what they love” to do but to also consider what roles will be in demand when seeking a “route to a fulfilling successful career”.

Head of Lifeskills created alongside Barclays, Kristie Mackey, noted that it is extremely “interesting” to see that there are such a broad range of factors that contribute to happiness at work.

This research shows that while young people should be considering the industry they would like to be a part of they should also be thinking “in broader terms about the work environment that they think will suit them”, she said.