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All graduates leave work seeking a relevant job but according to research this is not something that lasts.

Many employees actively seek alternative opportunities and leave their jobs in their quest for a new position and employer and this is something employers need to understand if they’re to encourage loyalty.

Changing trends

The main reason for both young and older employees handing in their notice is to seek opportunities offering a better work-life balance, according to research by Robert Half UK.

This represents a massive change in trends over the past four years as in 2011 most employees left their current employer due to higher remuneration.

In London and the South of England 38% and 28% of professionals were interested in achieving a better work-life balance respectively and in 2015 38% of professionals from Scotland and 28% of those from Northern Ireland changed employers in search of flexible working hours.

The second most common reason for employees changing jobs this year was for career advancement (29%) – which was most common for London workers (40%).

Jobseekers want more

Bonus, salary and benefit considerations were also high on the agenda for these job seekers while one in ten HR professionals stated that the primary motivation for employees leaving their firm was to find a job in a more suited location.

The full list of top five reasons why employees moved jobs this year is as follows:

  1. Better work-life balance – 30%
  2. Further career advancement – 29%
  3. Higher remuneration, including salary and bonuses – 27%
  4. Better location – 11%
  5. Better corporate culture – 6%

Phil Sheridan, UK Managing Director at Robert Half, said that as UK firms begin to expand and increase their headcount they should be aware of what they must do in order to compete with others for staff.


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