With graduate salaries plummeting by 11% over the last five years, according to research for the Complete University Guide, it’s no wonder that some graduates are wondering if the grass could be greener in another role.

This idea is supported by research from salary.com which found that 28% of the 1,200 workers questioned are on the hunt for a new role, with 16% citing that money was their top concern. And this is despite the fact that this group have described themselves as being happy in their roles.

So what would it take to fill the gap between cash and contentment you ask? Well, according to the research there are several key elements that help to transform a role from good to great in the eyes of employees, with the top 5 listed below.

1.       A better work-life balance (10%)

While some live to work, others work to live. While time outside of work may be higher up on the priority list for the latter group, both will appreciate any efforts employers make to support their wellbeing and need for family time etc. This could include anything from stress-reduction to family-friendly policies at work.

2.       Defined goals (8%)

Having the chance to express work goals, and having employers detail how this can be achieved, could be just the ticket to helping workers feel more satisfied in our roles. This could be achieved via a series of informal chats with members of the management team or more formal appraisals.

3.       Flexible scheduling (5%)

With family commitments, lengthy commutes and more, many employees will welcome the opportunity to inject a little flexibility into their work schedules. This could come about in the form of working remotely, flexi-time or even a compressed week.

4.       Better benefits package (4%)

Private health insurance, gym membership discounts, a workplace pension scheme and more are some of the kind of benefits that will help employees feel that they are getting more from their role.

5.       More recognition (3%)

Recognising when employees have completed work projects well and demonstrated commitment to their role could provide a valuable boost to staff morale. This could come in the form of internal awards or bonus schemes.

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