While employers may be biting the bullet and offering graduates the jobs they’re after; a third of them will do a U-turn after accepting the job offer.

60% of hiring managers for SMEs in the UK have said they have offered a candidate a job in the past two years that was later declined, while 34% of employees have admitted to changing their minds after accepting a role.

Recruitment trends in 2015

A study by Office Angels analysed the effectiveness of recruitment processes in today’s economy and found that 48% of employees have received a number of job offers at the same time during the last two years.

Meanwhile at the time of resignation, a whopping 50% said they received a better job offer from their current employer.

The research also looked at the current trends in the job market in 2015 which revealed that while there are more vacancies than ever before, the increase in demand for talented graduates has left many sectors “candidate-short”, leading hiring managers to feel pressured to secure top talent before their competitors do.

When discussing the recruitment process, 52% of hiring managers said they believe candidates would be more likely to accept a job offer if the interviewer acted faster at the job offer stage.

The deciding factor

Meanwhile, 96% of workers said they view the speed of the job offer as a huge factor when deciding whether or not to work for that firm; while a further 41% of employees said they would be more likely to accept a job if the recruitment process was clearly stated.

Interestingly, the research also highlighted that 29% of workers would like to meet their future boss before they accept the role, while 28% believe the culture of the business is the most important aspect.

A further 45% said they would expect to receive clear feedback or a job offer within just two days of attending the interview.

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