shutterstock_416006182Job hunting can be an extremely frustrating time as you try and find the position which perfectly suits your skills, abilities, interests and previous work experience.

But, while there is no doubt that it has become quite tough to secure a position, especially considering the amount of competition, you should not let your dream job drift away because you think that you do not quite fit the role exactly.

Even if you do not tick every box on the job description, the employer has set the bar high because they want to attract the best talent. This does not mean that those requirements are set in stone and it certainly shouldn’t stop you applying for a role you believe you can do and are enthusiastic about.

Do not create an obstacle yourself

Ultimately, the only person that can tell you that you are not qualified is the employer, so do not disqualify yourself before you have even given yourself a chance.

Whilst a job description can give you an idea of the type of candidate the company is looking to hire, it is an ideal and there will be some leeway – you just never know by how much.

Perhaps sitting down with your CV and cover letter and detailing your positive attributes maybe enough to secure yourself an interview, where you can then show how enthusiastic you are for the position.

Rejection is part of the process

Whilst in an ideal world, you will apply for your dream job and automatically be selected, it is often not the case and job hunting can become a frustrating task, where you see very little progress.

Even if it turns out you are not successful, you really have not lost anything. As long as you remember that rejection is a part of the process, you can even use it to your advantage.

After all, now you have an idea of the experience, skills and expertise required to fulfil a role that you are excited about. Start thinking about how you can strengthen your applications; perhaps an online course can help or securing some more work experience at a similar company may put you in a better position for the future.

As the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’, which is especially true when you are just beginning in your career.

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