If your job hunt isn’t as successful as you may hope, you might be tempted to bend the truth on your CV in order to boost your chances. While improving a few GCSE results, tweaking employment dates or going even further and creating qualifications might seem like a clever idea, it is something to be avoided.

Lying to a prospective employer is actually one of the worst decisions you can make, and it is something that can have serious consequences. According to a study by AXELOS, 37% of firms that responded to their survey said they would dismiss an employee if they found out that qualification results had been exaggerated.

That figure increases to over half (54%) if an applicant is found to have outright lied about qualifications that they do not hold. In a very competitive job market, putting everything on the line by lying on a CV can be a massive mistake, as you never know if you will get another chance.

Trust is a huge factor

Ultimately, if you are hired the employer is trusting that you are not only capable of filling the role, but have everything necessary to perform well in it. Every employer will have a range of skills, traits and qualifications that they want to see in a candidate.

Whilst they can vary from industry to industry, trustworthiness is one that is ever-present, no matter the position. If you lie on your application or CV and get found out, you are telling them clearly that you are not someone that can be trusted, so why would they want you to work for them?

Affect your brand

Whilst it may not appear like it, every job seeker has a personal brand – every social media or blog post leaves a digital footprint that more and more employers are beginning to take note of. Just like any business or organisation, it is always best to avoid anything that can have negative consequences on brand you.

If you are prepared to lie on your CV, what else are you prepared to do? You can quickly get a reputation that can have a negative effect on your future applications.

Perhaps you were found to have lied on your CV at a company and were subsequently dismissed. Should you then apply to a competitor in the same industry, it is likely they will find out too, reducing your chances of getting a role.

If another employee has also made the same switch and is asked about you, it is more than likely that they will not be able to give you a glowing review too.

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