Target goal

Filling a vacancy can be extremely time consuming and costly for a lot of organisations if not done properly, but using a recruitment agency can help to simplify the process.

Whether you are looking to fill a graduate role or a managerial one, a recruiter’s knowledge of the sector should mean they know who to target and how to attract them to the organisation.

Instead of evaluating an endless number of CV’s and job applications, a recruiter can streamline the process and ensure it is as efficient as possible. However, even with their expertise, recruiters will still need a guiding hand, so what should employers keep in mind?

Be clear about your requirements

If a recruiter is going to be able to bring in the right person for the position, it is essential that they know the requirements and expertise needed for the role. Creating a detailed specification of the role can help ensure the right type of candidates are found with relevant experience.

Much like a job description, mapping out the ideal characteristics for the role, as well as the day-to-day responsibilities, can help recruiters to produce the best results. Recruiters should also be able to help you understand what is out there, in terms of both the availability of talent and what the cost of that talent might be.  This allows a business to have a much better idea of what to expect.

Reach the best candidates

Posting a job vacancy and description does not always mean that you will attract the best candidates. Although you may receive a lot of applications, the standard of those will likely vary when it comes to experience in the sector or the necessary soft skills.

If a recruitment teams within your organisation does not have the time necessary to locate and get in touch with the right level of potential employees, a recruitment agency should result in you only screening job seekers who have been selected that match criteria based on the role.

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