Given the amount of competition for graduate positions, for every successful candidate there will be many more that are left disappointed and unsuccessful. But does that mean that their experience with the company should not be positive one?

Candidates go through various stages during the hiring process, and much like a customer purchasing a product, a negative experience can lead to second thoughts and ultimately a change of mind.

According to LinkedIn, over 80% of professionals say they would change their mind about a role due to a negative interview experience. For candidates, a great deal of effort will have been put into job searching, applying and preparing for various interviews, and it is quite common for them to not get any closure if they fail.

Build relationships with candidates

The first step to treating candidates like customers is to build and establish a relationship with them, as this will help to build a database of people who will have a relatively sound understanding of the company that can be potentially contacted for the next job opening.

Having a list of potential candidates that are already aware of the company can lessen the amount of time it takes to find someone suitable, which can reduce the costs that come with recruiting new staff.

Those responsible for hiring should make an effort to outline and demonstrate why a candidate should want to work for the company, selling it to them just like you would sell it to a customer. Even if it turns out they are not suitable, they will leave with information about the company that may encourage them to apply again.

Keep contact before and after the interview

One of the largest complaints that comes from job seekers, is that they fail to hear enough information or feedback after an interview. Communicating effectively, such as keeping them in the loop during the process, and giving them a timeline, can ensure they have a positive experience with the business.

Selling candidates on the company, interacting with them throughout the hiring process and establishing relationships will make them stronger applicants and also ensure they give off a positive image when talking about you as an employer.

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