The New Year can be the ideal time for a fresh approach for everyone, both inside and outside of the office if handled correctly. Companies can implement new methods and policies with a clear start date, as they look to improve performance over the course of the next 12 months.

Feedback has become a vital aspect of job satisfaction for employees, particularly recent graduates who are more determined than ever to progress with their careers. As a result, it is up to organisations to open up the line of communication between them and their workforce.

For companies, the New Year can be a prime opportunity to make improvements and provide employees with a greater level of feedback throughout the year. A simple method can be the introduction of a ‘return to work interview’ after the festive period.

Clear targets and goals

This session can be the perfect opportunity to provide staff with clear targets and goals that are aligned with the direction the organisation is heading in. Line managers will be able to inform the employee of any changes that are taking place and also find out whether there are any improvements that can be made to enhance performance.

For example, a graduate employee may require more support and guidance in a certain area where they are struggling to adapt. Now the company can ensure the right structure is in place to keep them happy and reduce the risk of them looking for opportunities elsewhere.

Up to speed with what is required

Employees will be in a much better position to perform well if they understand fully what exactly is expected of them, and the New Year can be the perfect time to ensure everyone is up to speed with what the organisation requires from them.

A member of the sales team may have performed really well and require a fresh challenge and new targets in order to stay motivated and engaged for example. If a company can catch employees returning after their festive period and ensure they are reinvigorated and looking forward to the year ahead, then the business is much more likely to succeed.

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