When hunting for new staff it can be all too easy to forget that it is a two-way process – a candidate is just as interested in your firm as you are in them.

A new study from CareerBuilder has suggested that many employers are underestimating the impact that the candidate experience is having on their business.

It found that candidates are less likely to purchase from, or recommend, a company through which they had a bad experience when applying for a role.

Some employers are even unwittingly leaving candidates with a poor impression, simply because they fail to acknowledge an application or don’t keep a candidate updated.

Creating a good impression of a firm therefore requires plenty of communication – not only could this impact on whether someone chooses a role or not, but also upon their customer loyalty.

The 2015 Candidate Behaviour study from Inavero helped to highlight what job applicants expect from the recruitment experience and what employers actually provide.

Chief Human Resources Officer of Career Builder, Rosemary Haefner, said that many candidates remember the firms who don’t respond to them.

She suggested that this makes candidates less likely to apply for other roles in the future while also reducing the likelihood that they will use the firm for their own needs as a customer.

Focusing on experience

Some 60% of candidates were less likely to make purchases from a company that failed to respond to them, while this rose to 66% if they had a bad interview experience.

Meanwhile those who had a positive experience noted the opposite, as 67% of applicants would buy from a firm that treated them well and with respect.

The need for a response

Most candidates expect an automated or personal email that acknowledges an application and will be disappointed if they fail to receive one.

Even in instances where they are not successful, candidates still expect a response. More than a third of applicants wanted to know if they were not going to be offered an interview.

Creating opportunities to connect

Having a presence across job boards and other mediums was found to be an essential part of making candidates aware of potential job openings.

This allows employers to know which of their ads are successful as they can record where applicants are finding their available roles.

Any actions that can help to enhance the application process in the eyes of a candidate should also benefit the employer in the long run.

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