It’s now more important than ever for employers to make graduate recruitment a priority, according to Steve Parker, of M&C Saatchi.

He suggests that companies that fail to give responsibilities to younger employees may run the risk of reduced engagement and loyalty.

Instead, companies today must focus on converting bright and hungry graduates into steadfast, dedicated leaders. To do this, business owners should be asking themselves a number of questions that focus on the contributions of the younger people in a company and if they are actively getting involved in proceedings.

Retaining young talent is vital to the success of today’s businesses. After all, these young individuals are the ones (if respected) willing to campaign for your brand. Without offering them the support they need, be this through additional training or encouraging words, companies stand to lose talent to emerging creative industries.

Given the UK’s entrepreneurial culture, many graduates seek to work on their own terms, mainly because they see the importance of working for a modern-day business. They want to be involved, valued and they want to know that their opinion counts in the working environment.

Business owners who are emotionally invested in their staff are the ones who stand to benefit from this. Now, leaving one industry to pursue something new in another is viewed as less of a novelty, which means firms need to work harder than in the past to retain talent.

In order to hang onto the best employees, employers must treat them with the respect they deserve. Instead of applying for the first paying job they find, today’s graduates are extremely picky – they want to work in an industry they enjoy, in a role they expect to excel in. Businesses that can offer that are therefore more likely to succeed in the long term, as they offer opportunities for development that may not exist elsewhere.

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