Line of graduates

With the standard of competition for the top graduate jobs high, it may seem a little farfetched to even think about the idea of walking away from a job offer. However, talented and ambitious young employees can have a huge impact on a company in both the short and long-term and can often find themselves in high demand.

As a result, graduates can often find themselves in a position of having to decide between one or two job offers, or even about whether or not to accept one in the hope that there might be something better later down the line.

This can all happen in the space of two or three days and can leave graduates feeling under pressure to make the right decision. So, what exactly should you take into account when thinking about walking away from a job offer?

Make an informed decision

It goes without saying that the more information you have about the role and the company, the more informed your decision can be. Digging a little deeper can often bring key factors to light that may influence your choice.

Some simple research can highlight numerous things, and give you a much better feel of what your day-to-day role might include. If you are struggling to find any information, you can always ask your recruiter or speak directly to the organisation to find out more about the position – it may turn out that it actually really does suit your skillset.

Think bigger than the short term

Although it may be difficult, you should try and avoid being too short-sighted. It may seem like the role really does not suit your experience or career plan right now, but it may offer you a quicker path of progression, or ensure you have the right skills to get to where you want to be later in your career.

The idea of working in a position that may not be directly suited to your skills may feel a little daunting but thinking bigger can help you when it comes to questioning whether it may be worth investing your time.

If you’re a graduate looking to kick-start your career, have a chat with Discovery Graduates and see how they can help get you started.