Sales roles are often referred to as the most important part of any business, as without a consistent level of sales, a company can stagnate. As a result, it is no surprise that companies take the recruitment for these types of position extremely seriously, meaning competition can be extremely high.

A career in sales can be extremely rewarding and those that excel can quickly find themselves benefitting from a commissioned-based pay structure that is commonplace within most roles.

The level of reward can often mean that companies invest a great deal in finding the right candidate to ensure that they not only have the right level of experience, but also have the key competencies that make a great sales person. So, what exactly should you be prepared to answer if you have managed to secure yourself an interview for a sales position?

What motivates you to get new sales?

This question implies that you have previously had some experience in a sales position, but really what the employer wants to know is where you find your motivation. Often the most difficult aspect of performing within the field is being consistent and avoiding any complacency that may occur if you have a good month or two.

Motivation can come from various different areas – whether it is a determination to provide for your family, or to simply be the best performer within the company. This is also a great question for an employer to understand whether your motivation is in line with the company’s goals, so make sure you think about the sector and where the business might be in a couple of years – you might just have the skills needed to help.

How do you move on from rejections?

Unfortunately, rejection is part and parcel of any position, but it plays a huge role within the sales industry. Even the very best experienced sales people will go through bad patches, or miss out on deals at the last second, all of which can be extremely disappointing.

As a result, it can be easy to become a little despondent or lose confidence in your abilities. This question is looking at how you process rejection and what you do to overcome it. Focus your answer around the idea of evaluating your performance and learning from your mistakes.

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