Work placements are becoming increasingly popular with students as a way of getting work experience, but what are the key benefits for employers?Provides a new perspective – a new and younger way of thinking could really help to make positive changes to the way your business does things. Issues that you have come across could be solved by a simple suggestion made by an intern.Gaining brand advocates – providing a really insightful and instructive experience to your work placement students could encourage them to speak positively about your business to their friends and family which is beneficial for you, as it boosts awareness of your employer brand and provides an enhanced reputation.

Discovering future talent –  Your intern could be a huge asset to your company. Providing work placements can help you to capture emerging talent early. Who knows… Maybe a placement student could be the future CEO of your business?

Assistance with tasks – A younger, fresher mindset can always improve and change perspective on any current tasks that you are struggling with. This can also benefit the student as anything they can improve on within your business will look good on their CV, making them more employable too!

Provides positive view on your business –  Helping others to develop can really make your business look good! Outshine your competitors and become more known within the graduate recruitment sector!