Happy-colleagues-620Graduates on the look-out for their very first role will be pleased to hear that the top 10 graduate recruiters of 2015-16 have been revealed in the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers list.

Known as one of the Big Four auditing businesses in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has made it as the number one best graduate employer in the UK for the 12th year in a row.

Reaching new heights

The likes of Aldi and Google are also celebrating after reaching their highest position ever in the rankings – landing second and third place – after providing a range of excellent graduate opportunities.

Meanwhile, Teach First slipped from second to fourth place this year however, it did take on 1,700 graduates last year, the highest number ever taken in 12 months by a single employer.

The Civil Service has also returned to fifth position after landing sixth place last year.

When added together, the top 100 list of graduate employers are offering a staggering 22,300 graduate jobs in 2016; representing a 9.6% increase on last year.

These results have proven that leading employers have increased their vacancies by four times over the past five recruitment periods.

Providing great options for graduates

Ruth Doyle, Regional Managing Director at Aldi, said no other retailer has been able to match what Aldi can offer graduates hoping to begin a career in the retail sector and as a result, the business has become a “serious option” for graduates.

Richard Irwin, Head of Student Recruitment at PwC, said that students who choose to take part in the PwC internship programme have the chance to see the skills leading firms are looking for.

The top ten list of top graduate employers and the number of graduate jobs they offered were:

  1. PwC – 1500
  2. Aldi – 200
  3. Google – N/A
  4. Teach First – 1860
  5. Civil Service – 900
  6. Deloitte – 1200
  7. NHS – 100
  8. Ernst & Young (EY) – 1400
  9. KPMG – 1000
  10. BBC – 50

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SOURCE: http://www.independent.co.uk/student/career-planning/the-times-top-graduate-employers-2015-2016-sees-pwc-aldi-and-google-take-the-lead-a6681541.html