Being able to find a graduate role in the ever competitive job market after university remains a high priority among most students.

According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) survey Destinations of Leavers (DLHE) – which looked at the number of first degree students who found work after six months of graduating – there are 10 top degree subjects which have led to job search success.

The results of the report

Medicine and Dentistry came in at number one, with a staggering 94.7% of graduates who studied this course finding work after just six months. In fact all subjects allied to medicine – found in position three – also performed well as 79.8% of graduates were in work six months after graduation.

Position number two was taken by Veterinary Science where 85.3% of graduates were in full time employment after their degree. Cambridge, Glasgow and Edinburgh were the best universities for this course choice, according to the Complete University Guide (CUG) league table.
Architecture, Building and Planning came in fourth position as 71.3% of graduates were in employment, with Bath, Edinburgh and Cambridge being the top universities for these courses.

Engineering and Technology courses found themselves in fifth position with a 62.8% employment rate, while Computer Science was just below – in position six – with 59.1% of graduates now in work.
Education was found to be on par with Computer Science, with the CUG suggesting Cambridge, Glasgow and Durham were the best locations to study it.

Social Studies found itself in tenth position, as 44.9% of graduates found work six months on from graduation.

The top ten list looked like this:

1. Medicine and Dentistry – 94.7%
2. Veterinary Science – 85.3%
3. Subjects allied to Medicine – 79.8%
4. Architecture, Building and Planning – 71.3%
5. Engineering and Technology – 62.8%
6. Computer Science – 59.1%
7. Education – 59.1%
8. Business and Administrative Studies – 49%
9. Mathematical Sciences – 47.1%
10. Social Studies – 44.9%

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