For companies, securing the very best talent can often prove to be a challenge. LinkedIn has made it easier than ever to have direct access to those in the talent pool, but in turn it has given more power to candidates who can now be more selective about where they would like to work.

As a result, organisations will be under pressure to review their resourcing and recruitment strategies, as well as to look at issues surrounding retention, so they do not fall behind their competitors and end up losing out.

Time is precious

The last thing a business wants is an extensive hiring process – it costs money and also consumes a vast amount of time from the people involved.

To keep the hiring time down, group interviews together so they are all on the same day, or if you’re casting a wide net, schedule them over a couple of days. This will not only prevent those being interviewed from waiting around and potentially becoming disinterested in the role, but it will allow the interviewer to make comparisons between applicants more effectively.

It is important to maintain contact with applicants throughout the process, too see how they are doing and also if they require any further information about the role before they make a decision.

Treat candidates as individuals

All applicants are different, so it is essential to understand their reasons for applying for the role; and if they are leaving their current role, why they are doing so. Discovering their career goals and motivations can help significantly – if you think they are the right fit, make sure you use those goals when you present the initial offer.

Talented candidates are more than likely going to have other offers on the table, or be interviewing for various different roles, so making them feel individually appreciated might sway their decision in your favour.

Money matters

This is where knowing the field is so important, as it enables you to truly judge the worth of the position and the salary that you are going to offer. Knowing what your competitors would be paying can give you an advantage as there will be less hassle of going through salary negotiations.

With competition so fierce you cannot take a relaxed approach to money – it really does matter and candidates these days will know exactly what their education, employment experience and skills add to their overall value.

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