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Improving the accuracy of the recruitment process should be the aim of all employers, as hiring can have a huge impact on the progress of the business – making the right decision on a consistent basis can ensure both the short and long-term progress of the company.

As a result, more and more companies are beginning to look at their screening process and introduce pre-hiring assessments. These are simple things that can be put in place now to make sure that every new hire possesses the right skills, attitude and personality to push the company forward.

Pre-hiring assessments measure a potential employee’s technical skills, intellectual ability and ensure that a candidate’s soft skills, such as teamwork and communication, are up to scratch.

A CV and interview can only give so much insight into a graduate’s ability to perform in the job role. The closer the recruitment process can get to replicating the work and pressure a candidate will experience whilst in the position, then the easier it will be to make the right hire.

Tailored to the needs of the company

The real value of a pre-hire assessment can be found when everything is aligned. If you are hiring for a graduate management position for example, then the assessment should be designed to test for leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

Asking candidates to split up into teams and work on a project relevant to the company, is a great way to see who takes charge of the situation, put their ideas out there, or maybe even highlight those who are not confident enough to voice their opinion.

A piece of the recruitment process

Despite the obvious benefits, a pre-hire assessment should not be the only part of a recruitment process. Using it before a stage of one-to-one interviews can provide greater insight into the candidates, and also allow you to raise any concerns about how certain individuals performed.

Perhaps one failed to take control of a situation effectively or were too eager to impress, creating a well-rounded process that gives graduates the best opportunity to show off their personality, skills and experience will ensure you feel a lot more confident when making recruiting new talent.

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