The Complete University Guide has highlighted the top ten universities that spend the most amount of money on their student facilities.

High Wycombe’s Buckinghamshire New University was found to have spent the most amount of money on their facilities; including their health and counselling services, career services and sports facilities.

Buckinghamshire New University spent a generous £1,434 per student, per academic year; almost 19 times more than St George’s University of London which has landed last position – 100th – after spending just £76 per student, per year.

However, other universities were also pumping cash into their student facilities, including Northampton (£1,066), Durham (£1,030) and Essex (£996).

Surprisingly, The University of Cambridge – which came number one in the main university ranking table – came 12th when it came to how much they spend on facilities each year. However, this ranking was ahead of its main competitor, The University of Oxford, which landed 72nd position.

Oxford was found to spend just £446 per student, per year, on its facilities; highlighting that those universities who perform best academically do not necessarily spend the most money on their student resources.

The top ten spenders

According to the report, the top ten universities found to be spending the most amount of money on the student experience is:

  1. Buckinghamshire New University (£1,434)
  2. The University of Northampton (£1,066)
  3. Durham University (£1,030)
  4. The University of Essex (£996)
  5. Loughborough University (£949)
  6. Royal Agricultural University (£947)
  7. Liverpool Hope (£909)
  8. St Mark and St John (£900)
  9. The University of Hertfordshire (£890)
  10. The University of East Anglia (£815)

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