There is an increasing demand from employers for any potential employee to have up to date or working knowledge of basic computer skills. Technology is taking over the work place, and as competition increases amongst graduates, IT skills are becoming a way for businesses to test the flexibility of any successful candidate.

It is the modern way for people to hold jobs with a variety of employers through their careers, so the demand for transferable skills has improved greatly. Even if computers will not be a factor in your prospective job, they may well be in a couple years’ time so it is well worth learning some basics such as how to send and receive emails, use the internet effectively, and use word processor and spreadsheet software.

Basic computer skills

The important thing to remember with IT is that it is constantly moving forward; the latest tool or trick from a year ago is now more than likely irrelevant. Ten years ago knowing basic computer skills would have equated to understanding how to create a PowerPoint presentation, but now there is an expectation on people to know a lot more.

According to experts, one of the most sought-after technical skills is competency with Microsoft Excel, a program which can allow you to enter and format data, calculate totals and create simple reports and charts.

Although it is one of the most complex programs, the basics give flexibility for any potential candidate to fill a variety of roles – something employers are keen to exploit.

Social media understanding

Generally speaking it pays to be savvy with social media as it has become a driving force not just within tech companies but all businesses. Online communities are integral when it comes to sharing and accessing information, and engaging with potential customers.

Businesses have begun to understand the reach of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and will now post vacancies, graduate programme openings and general news on them.

Involvement with social media sites should be considered integral for any job search strategy as it is excellent for being able to network and get in touch with managers and directors or just to seek advice from someone already employed from within the company.

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