72% of technology professionals say they would consider working abroad if the right job opportunity came along.

According to the UK mobility survey by Dice, the lure of international roles is proving to be too much for young tech professionals, with a staggering amount admitting they would jet off abroad for the right role.

Jetting off for career opportunities

For UK based tech graduates, the USA, Canada and Australia are at the top of the list of most attractive places for career opportunities. France, Germany, Spain and New Zealand all follow closely behind.

However, interest in relocating isn’t limited there, with the UAE, India, Italy, Scandinavia and the Netherlands also generating a healthy amount of interest from UK professionals.

When asked why working abroad was so appealing, the graduates and professionals both said they were in search of a good work-life balance and would choose this over financial factors.

Interestingly, 69% of those surveyed also said they would consider moving elsewhere in Britain if the right role came along.

Employers need to up their game

According to the Dice survey, the reasons why young professionals consider relocation differs by region. For example, London tech graduates are focused on earnings potential, while those from the South West are in search of a better lifestyle. Meanwhile those from Scotland are keen for career advancements and quality of life.

Jamie Bowler, UK Marketing Director at Dice, said that tech professionals now recognise how transferable their skills are and as a result are open to moving away.

However, he added this does put greater pressure on employers to ensure they have the right working environment and culture in which these young professionals will thrive in.

Mr Bowler concluded that those employers with “an international footprint” should also work to facilitate mobility within the business to both attract and retain skilled professionals.

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