Recent technology graduates looking for work may find London is not always the best option, according to new research.

While the capital does have the most jobs and highest salaries for the industry on average, the fast-paced growth of tech hubs in other cities mean there are plenty of opportunities for newly qualified techies.

Massive increases in tech hiring

The number of jobs available in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) sector rose by 9% in Q1 of this year when compared to the previous quarter.

This accounts to a staggering 59,151 positions and was complemented by an 18% rise in the number of permanent roles on offer.

While a staggering 70% of these roles were located in London, several other UK cities experienced faster job vacancy growth than the capital.

Research from recruitment firm Experis – published in their Tech Cities Job Watch Report – found that the number of web developer positions, for example, was up 12% in London but 14% elsewhere.

Cloud computing jobs reported a similar pattern; up 21% in London but 32% in other UK cities.

The tech cities of the UK

Highlighting the top ten “tech cities” of the UK, the report proves London isn’t the only city with prominent opportunities in the IT sector.

Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Manchester and other powerhouses of the UK all noted heightened demand for IT workers with the full top ten list covering the following locations:

  1. London
  2. Birmingham
  3. Bristol
  4. Brighton
  5. Cambridge
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Glasgow
  8. Manchester
  9. Newcastle Upon Tyne
  10. Sheffield

Choosing to work outside of the capital doesn’t necessarily mean a massive drop in salary either.

While London did offer the best wages for STEM roles at £53,982 per annum on average, Cambridge and Glasgow remained highly competitive at £41,594 and £40,546 respectively.

It is also worth noting these salaries are based on permanent roles, with the report highlighting that freelance opportunities are better paid outside of the capital than within it.

Are you a recent technology graduate? Which of these cities would you like to work in and are you interested in permanent or freelance positions