Books-&-blackboard-620Bye bye books. Hello bitesize video learning.

When it comes to attracting new employees to the working environment, you may find enticing the right candidates to be a difficult procedure. Thankfully there are a number of factors you can take into consideration when appealing to recent graduates.

Talent management

 Ensuring your employees have all the facilities required to learn and to keep learning is something that is extremely important to today’s graduates. The global leader in learning and talent management, Skillsoft, has recently announced the release of a new platform allows employees to learn whilst in the working environment. It provides bite-sized learning content that can easily be juggled between day-to-day tasks and client meetings. Users can also access supporting activities to increase the value of these organisational learning platforms.

Finding the time to learn

Recent research carried out by Deloitte suggests that employees have a mere 1% of their working week to surrender to additional learning and development skills. This is where on demand, speedy training opportunities can come in handy. Asides from having on-tap access to a series of trusted video content, users are also able to access a variety of other resources out of hours, including assessments, job aids, practice help from subject matter experts and practice exercises – all that can help to strengthen skills.

Instant access

Today’s switched on, tech-savvy workforce expect to be able to access short video content instantly, which can then be used as support and also, alongside more formal programs, such as certification.

Tim Hildreth, Vice President of Product Management at Skillsoft, stated that video on its own is not enough, but that other resources are needed to reinforce skills as well. The key is finding solutions that enable the knowledge to stick.

In addition to Skillsoft’s wide-ranging library of proficient courses, comprising both technical and digital skills topics, they are now increasing their video capabilities to provide business courses that will cover topics such as optimising team performance, personal and interpersonal communications, critical thinking and emotional intelligence – all of which will help you to attract new graduates to the working envoronment.

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